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About Me

Mara Troeger is a 35 years old  German Photo-Artist based in Düsseldorf with French  German and Guyanese heritage.

By the age of 15, her love with photography began to grow and flourish along with her passion and dedication to become unique.

In 2008 she chose to start her professional education in photography at Fritz-Henßler-Berufskolleg in Dortmund.She then finished her education in 2011, after that she began to travel around Europe with her gift.

Her focus is directed to black and white photography and conceptual art.

Since 2014 she has managed her own Atelier/Studio in the centre of Düsseldorf and worked as a freelance Photo-Artist as well.

She is currently working  in Germany, France and The United States, caputing each moment in life as she sees it through her eyes.

Me, myself and I – it is what it is. You can check out my art on my portfolio site, just click on the link below and start the journey.


"I am GIZMO"


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